Home repair grants and home improvement grants can make a substantial difference to homeowners living in unsafe conditions. Costs for home repairs and improvements can quickly add up. The average repair and maintenance costs for a home over a 5-year span is $10,200. Low-income households with trouble keeping up with repairs can quickly fall behind, causing them to be buried beneath expenses and/or unable to maintain their home.  

The cost of home improvements varies by the type of improvement that needs to be done. However, average costs for renovations can be between $15 and $60 per square foot (on average), with higher costs for kitchen and bathroom improvements. The good news is, there are housing grants available that can help you cover these costs. 

Is Your Home in Need of Repairs or Improvements? Learn How Home Improvement Grants Can Help
home improvement grants

Housing grants are available to qualifying homeowners who need to make repairs or improvements to their homes. Like many other assistance programs, these grants are offered through federal, state and local governments. 

Each home repair grant program has specific guidelines that must be met to qualify for the grant. These guidelines vary based on the grant program but follow many of the same criteria. Depending on the housing grant you apply for, you may need to meet the following requirements: 

  • Own and occupy your home as your primary place of residence 
  • Meet an income-based limit 
  • Live within certain areas or counties 
  • Use the grants for their intended purposes, namely towards a home repair or improvement 

Some home repair grants are only available to homeowners considered at higher risk, such as senior citizens or households that contain a disabled individual or young children. Additionally, other grant programs like the Section 504 home repair program require that repairs or improvements remove a safety or health hazard. 

Note: Veterans with a qualifying service-connected disability can also qualify for additional housing grants through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Some grants for home repairs may also be used towards improvements on a home. For example, the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) provides qualifying homeowners with grants that may be used towards improvements and repairs that improve a home’s energy-efficiency. These repairs and improvements should help homeowners by reducing their heating and cooling costs. 

The amount you can receive through housing grants varies by program. You will need to review the program you intend to apply for to learn more about how much assistance you will be able to receive. You may also be eligible for more than one grant program, in which case you can receive more funding for your home’s repairs and/or improvements. 

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