How to Keep a Small Kitchen Organized

How to Keep a Small Kitchen Organized

If you’re short on space, then you know how tricky organization can get. Even when you do your best to keep your home looking its best, there is no guarantee that it’ll actually stay that way, especially if even a small amount of clutter can make your home seem disorganized.

When it comes to keeping your home tidy, kitchens can be especially difficult to get right because they are in constant use. However, even if you have a small kitchen, there are steps you can take to make sure organizing it doesn’t get overwhelming. Read on to learn about a few tips for keeping your small kitchen tidy.

1. Use a Shelf Riser

The first step is to use a shelf riser as it provides you with more space to store your mugs, cups as well as dinner plates by giving you an added shelf inside your shelf. 

Shelf risers are usually cheap, so it’s really handy to have one of these in your small kitchen to keep things organized. Apart from that, you may also choose to store your teas, spices as well as herbs here as well so that it would be easy for you to find them the next time you look for it.

2. Utilizing Lazy Susans for Storage

Lazy Susans is a must-have in every small kitchen because it provides not only extra storage but also gives you the ease of access to get the things you need in an orderly manner. 

One of the best places to place your Lazy Susans is at your corner cabinets where you can use your Lazy Susans to store your oils, vinegar as well as other pantry items that are small in sizes. You may get your Lazy Susans at your nearest local grocery or buy it online and the prices of these Lazy Susans are usually inexpensive which makes it very affordable for most average people.

3. Set a Sliding Preparation Table

You might want to consider setting a sliding preparation table in your kitchen so that you would be able to save more space effectively. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to take into consideration the quality of the board that you intend to use so that you would be able to prepare your food properly. 

A sliding preparation table can be used as a platform to cut your fruits, onions, tabasco pepper, as well as other vegetables but are not recommended to be used to chop down heavy items such as a whole turkey.

4. Give Your Pantry a Makeover

A pantry makeover inspired by the supermarket may just be the thing for you if you want to use the first in first out rule. 

If you haven’t yet known the rules, basically the first thing that’s coming into your pantry is going to be the first thing that will come out of it which means that you are going to use the product that is already in use before using the latest one that you recently bought. 

You may also choose to keep all of your grocery items organized in your pantry by using labeled bins and Tupperware to make it easier for you to find your items.

5. Install Hooks in Your Cabinets

Another efficient way to add more storage capacity to your small kitchen is by sticking some hooks in your cabinets. You may use the spaces that these hooks provide to store your essential things such as dish towels and potholders. 

One thing to keep in mind when deciding which hooks you want to buy is the storage capacity that the hooks provided. Just make sure that there are plenty of rooms for you to store all your items and the size of the hook fits perfectly with the thickness of your cabinet wall.

6. Use Your Fridge Efficiently

Do you have any empty storage on top of your fridge? Regardless of whether or not you have a cabinet, utilize every inch of space that you could find on your fridge to store your grocery items. 

It’s highly recommended for you to use a basket to store things like your snacks, pasta, or spaghetti there. The basket acts like a drawer which makes it easy for you to get the things that you want easily. One thing to keep in mind is that you should always make sure that the basket is stuck firmly on top of the fridge so that it doesn’t fall off easily. 

7. Utilize the Power of Magnets

Knife blocks are great for a medium to large-sized kitchen but not so great for a small one so do yourself a favor by getting a Magnetic Knife Bar which can be used to place all of your knives in one place. 

This knife bar is made from a magnetic strip which can be installed onto your wall to provide a place where you can just stick all your knives soon after you have cleaned and dry it out. Just make sure that you stick your knives properly so that the metal of your knives can be stuck firmly onto the magnetic bar. 

8. Install Some Extra Wall Shelving

Consider installing a shelf on the wall of your kitchen which you can then use to place essential items such as your baking and cocoa powder on top while at the same time you may also choose to use mason jars underneath the shelf that are filled with herbs or spices of your choice. 

Installing an additional shelf on the wall gives you more space and just in case you don’t have one, the process of making and installing one is simple and straightforward so you might want to give it a try. 

9. Use ALL the Space You Have

A lot of the time when we are organizing, we forget about the “rare” spaces and corners that don’t get much traffic in our house, such as the side of our cabinets. However, making good use of these spaces is essential to properly organizing your kitchen.

You might want to install some knobs there so that you will be able to hang some heavy stuff such as the cutting boards and colanders. Keep in mind that you should install the knobs on a decent quality board and have the board nailed to the side of your wooden cabinet properly to prevent any damages to your kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, you may also choose to use a set of adhesive knobs to stick onto the side of your kitchen cabinet as the installation process is much quicker and easier.

10. Get a Slim Storage Unit With Wheels

You may find a wheeled slim storage unit with at least three levels of storage in the market nowadays that you can use to store your vinegar, ketchup, coconut oil, and many more in it. 

What’s more interesting about this storage unit is that it has wheels which makes it easier for you to reach the backside of the storage unit by simply pulling it out and pushing it back when you’re done. It can hold a lot of items yet it requires only a tiny portion of space in your kitchen which makes it a must-have for every tiny kitchen.

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