If you’re a prospective home buyer, there are a few ways to find homes that are unoccupied. Just keep in mind that unclaimed land isn’t always listed in the obvious spots, like real estate apps or websites. You might have to work a bit harder to find these hidden gems. 

But once you know where to look, you might be surprised at the number of homes that are, in fact, unclaimed. Wondering how you can find abandoned houses across the country, including those that are owned by the state or federal government? Learn how below.

Learn 4 Easy Tricks for Finding Abandoned Homes for Sale

Are you looking to snag unclaimed real estate for an investment – interested in flipping houses? Or are you just looking for a new place to call home? Regardless, it all starts with knowing where to look and getting there first. Since abandoned homes are usually listed below face value, competition can be fierce.

To find abandoned property for sale, follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Take a drive.

Step 2: Ask around. 

Step 3: Visit the county clerk.

Step 4: Contact a realtor. 

Sometimes, you can spot an abandoned house from a mile away. If you’re looking to purchase one in your current neighborhood, search for abandoned homes by driving around, and keep your eyes peeled for the usual signs – tall grass, broken windows or general disrepair. 

If local residents are around, they may provide some insight into the house. Unclaimed land is often an eyesore. The neighbors usually want their own property value to increase, so they may be eager to see it sold and fixed up.

No luck finding homes on your own? Visit the county clerk’s office. It may have an abandoned property list containing the addresses of verified unclaimed houses in the county. You can use the list to search for properties and determine if one might be a good fit. 

Another way to find unclaimed real estate is to contact a realtor or real estate company. Realtors are usually notified before the general public when a home is abandoned and about to go up for sale or auction. 

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