Tips for Choosing the Right Size Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Home

When buying a home, it is important that you choose the right sized home for you. There are many homes on the market. Because of this, it is easy to get tempted by larger, more luxurious homes.

When looking for homes, each one that you find may be bigger and better than the last one. But in some cases, bigger is not always better. 

The size of a home does not just come with a bigger price tag; iit also comes with a number of added expenses. Not considering these added costs and simply choosing the biggest house that you can find can be detrimental to your finances.

Keep reading to learn tips for choosing the right sized home for you and your family.


The financial burden of a big home is the first drawback that most people think of. If you buy a home that is just on the cusp of what you can afford, then you may constantly be living right at your means. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that circumstances can change. One of the members of your household could lose their job, and if you can only afford the home by using all of the incomes in the household, then you could run into a major problem. 

On the other hand, if you have several people living in your household and choose a home that is too small, you could wind up paying more money down the line to expand your home. Or, you may quickly outgrow the home and end up buying another one too soon. 


Many times, big homes are located out in the suburbs. This is because there typically is not enough space in large cities to accommodate large homes. If you work in the city, then living in a big home in the suburbs will mean added time to your commute. 

This, in turn, means that you may need to budget more money for gas each month. In addition to a longer commute, if you tend to do more activities in the city and visit more venues in the city, you will be further away from both of those things by moving to the suburbs.


Big houses typically come with a lot of land. While that may sound like a plus, it could mean that you won’t have close neighbors.

In fact, the closest house to you could be acres away. This is good in times where you want privacy but what about in emergency situations?

On the other hand, your home could be surrounded by lots of other houses. If you are someone who prefers peace and quiet, you may not get it with a small house in a city. It all depends on your personal preference. 

Feeling “At Home”

The reason that smaller homes are often referred to as “homey” is because smaller houses generally take less effort to make feel like a home than big houses.

Experts have said that people who have moved into big homes sometimes feel as if their homes are cold and very impersonal. This may be because of the sheer size of the home. 

With a big home, the cost of decorating to achieve the same level of homeliness as a small home would be quite a bit higher. Because there is so much space to cover, you may end up buying double or triple the amount of decorations that you normally would have just to feel at home in the space.

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