Beds and couches are two pieces of furniture that most people use everyday, but both can present challenges to people with limited mobility, especially when it comes to getting out of the bed and standing up from the couch. Not only are these actions more difficult to do as we age but they also can become more dangerous because of the risk of falling.

A couch cane can help people move into a standing position while sitting on a couch or a chair. Bed rails for elderly people can help seniors get in and out of bed. Both objects also can help reduce the chances of harmful slips and falls.

Use These Objects With The Bed and Couch
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Couch canes are simply handles that provide a support for someone when they are sitting on a couch and would like to get up.

Many couch canes designs are made of steel and have a grip finish.

They also usually feature anti-skid pads to help them stay in place and prevent floor damage.

Bed rails for the elderly are available in many different styles and configurations but all of them help provide a secure hand-hold to make it easier to change positions in bed and get out of bed. Bed rails are also a safety measure as they can help reduce the chances of falling out of bed.

Choosing the best bed rails for the seniors in your life depends on a variety of needs and factors. Some senior bed rails are portable while others are attached permanently to a bed. 

If the person who will be using the bed rail likes to travel then the optimal rail for them is probably one that is easy to take off and on the bed and is convenient to transport.

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