To apply for Section 8 vouchers that you can use towards owning a home, the first step you will need to do is to find a nearby public housing agency that participates in this type of homeownership program. You should start by contacting your local PHA. If your local PHA does not participate in Section 8 rent-to-own programs then you will have to find a nearby agency.

You may be required to move to the zone of the participating PHA in order to qualify for rent-to-own assistance. Once you have located a participating PHA, you will also need to attend pre-assistance homeownership counseling through that agency before you can receive any help with home buying.

How To Apply for Section 8 Homeownership and Buy a House!

Certain PHAs have additional requirements in order to apply for housing vouchers that you can use towards a mortgage.

Some agencies may have certain restrictions regarding the size of the home that you will use their assistance to buy.

Having the qualifications for one type of government housing assistance does not meet that you meet the criteria for every housing benefit program.

You will need to apply separately for Section 8 assistance with buying a home even if you are already receiving government housing assistance.

If you live in housing subsidized by the government then your application for rent-to-own vouchers may be denied. However, if you rent through the Section 8 program then you might still be able to receive vouchers to buy a home.

Find out what you will get if you are approved for rent-to-own housing assistance.

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