Home Security Must-Haves for Renters and Owners

Home Security Must-Haves for Renters and Owners

A reliable home security system enhances your peace of mind, and renters or owners can easily implement several measures that improve their safety. 

With home many security features becoming cheaper to manufacture and maintain, there are more options than ever when it comes to staying safe in your home. Using the tools described in this article will help you to protect your life and property.

Can Renters Install Security Devices?

Renters can install a wide range of security devices and can take these with them when they move to a new location. Talk to your landlord, along with any home security companies that you’re considering, about your options. Ensure that any package you use is easy to install and portable so you can set it up quickly after moving. 

You may also want to make sure that whatever product you use will not require permanent damage to walls or other parts of the apartment.

Decide What Products You Need

The best home security system for someone who lives in a gated suburban community may not be ideal for a resident of a busy apartment complex. If you travel often, you may need devices that allow you to remotely monitor your home. Someone who has contractors renovating their property may want to discreetly stay aware of their activities. Therefore, make sure you take your particular needs into account when choosing a system.

Whether you’re renting or own a property, your security ultimately depends on you. Check the lighting, construction, and location of any structure before you rent or buy. Ensure that any security company you do business with is reputable, and don’t just trust anyone to install security devices for you.

Modern security systems focus on monitoring, threat assessment, and response. If you decide to contract a company to monitor your home, you may also want to also include security features that slow or deter burglars.

  • A townhouse, apartment, or any other residence is made more secure with:
  • Reinforced door locks
  • Door jammers and deadbolts
  • Door alarms
  • Cellular monitoring
  • Sensors
  • Wireless cameras and other equipment
  • Video doorbells

While the following features may cost a little more, they may be considered essential in certain environments:

  • Inexpensive professional monitoring
  • Customization
  • Instant text alerts
  • Home automation integration
  • Smart lights

Wireless Security Cameras

A wireless security camera system is typically included in packages provided by security companies. Home security cameras allow you to observe what’s going on indoors and outdoors. If a professional team is monitoring your home, they can use the cameras for remote monitoring and assist you even if you’re unable to signal for help.

You can also install wireless security cameras that aren’t affiliated with a security company. These cameras are a popular option for homeowners and renters who want to monitor their residence but don’t want a package from a security company. It can also be used alongside a traditional package, so you have flexibility.

Many security cameras withstand rain, sun, and extreme weather conditions. Some offer live 4k video streaming right through the day and night. Once they detect activity near your front door, garage, or any other location, they’ll send an alert to your phone.

Google Nest cameras use Supersight technology to allow you to zoom in on your feed. High contrast lighting and other environmental factors won’t be an issue. A Google Nest camera sends Familiar Face alerts as well. You won’t need to worry unless someone familiar is where they shouldn’t be. You can also use the facial recognition technology to know when your children have arrived home.

Door Alarms

A door alarm can be installed at your property by alarm companies, or you can buy one and install it yourself. They’re available at many hardware stores, and immediately sound off if your door is opened.

If you are renting, discuss this option with your landlord. There are portable options that are designed for renters, and can even be used by travelers who want extra security in their hotel room.


Sensors are usually easy to install and remove. If you own your home, you can improve security quickly with these solutions. Renters can take them to their new home, and keep enjoying the benefits after moving.

Sensors detect activity in any part of your home. Many respond to motion or heat, so they can be installed at doors, windows, and other strategic areas.

Door Jammers and Deadbolts

Locks on all of your doors slow down burglars, door jammers and deadbolts provide you with additional time to find a weapon or an escape route. Standard locks can be forced open via a crowbar or a knife. A deadbolt is almost impossible to tamper with in this way. They also help to protect door frames when intruders try to kick them in.

A reinforced door lock is another option. These locks resist forced entry. Some withstand up to 800 pounds of force, and they cannot be opened from outside your apartment.

Door jammers cannot be picked, and aren’t susceptible to lock bumping. They can be fitted on internal doors in minutes, without tools. 

Inexpensive Professional Monitoring

To ensure that you have expert backup at all times, consider professional monitoring. You can easily contract the services of a provider such as SimpliSafe. This company offers a free camera to new customers.

SimpliSafe offers wireless monitoring, and you can use your mobile phone to stay updated on what is happening inside your home. Both owners and renters use their portable DIY security packages, and you’ll enjoy smart home functionality no matter where you live.

Video Doorbells

Your apartment security system can be enhanced with video doorbells. There are several options to choose from, and many offer HD quality video. They complement your WiFi home security system.

 These doorbells are usually activated by motion and, like other types of sensors, they may send notifications to your phone when they detect motion. Each person or animal that comes in the vicinity of your door is usually recorded for future reference.


To increase your home security, you can install devices that constantly provide you with information, block forced entry, and discourage would-be burglars. Even while you’re away from your residence, all of the solutions listed here can protect your assets, and help you to feel more aware of what is happening in your home.

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