How to Get Financial Help for Home Repairs: Loans and More

If you are in the market for a new home, you may be considering buying a house that needs home repairs. Or, you may already have a home that needs renovations. Fixing up a home is a very rewarding process, but it can also be expensive. Luckily, there are low interest home repair loans that will help you buy your dream home and cover repair costs.

An FHA 203K loan, also known as a Rehab Loan or FHA Construction Loan is a great option for people who are hoping to buy fixer-upper homes or who would like to refinance their current home to make upgrades or necessary repairs. FHA 203K loans are a type of home repair mortgage that allow you to borrow enough money to purchase a home and pay for repairs at the same time.

Get Help Paying for Home Repairs With FHA 203K Loans
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If you are low on cash and can’t afford a pricey renovation, you can also use these loans to refinance a home that you already own.

An FHA 203K loan may be the best option for you if you need to borrow money to help cover the initial costs of buying or refinancing a home, and you also want to make repairs on a new or existing property. You can think of this type of loan as a two-for-one deal, because it can be used to pay for: 

  • Financing the purchase of a new home or refinancing a home that you already own
  • Desired or necessary repairs

More specifically, you can use the loan for certain renovations that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Major landscape alterations
  • Any changes that improve the house’s appearance and get rid of obsolete parts of the house.
  • Improvements that get rid of safety or health hazards.
  • Making the home accessible to a person with disabilities.
  • Replacing the house’s plumbing.
  • Making the home more energy-efficient.
  • Modernizing and improving the home.
  • Replacing or adding in new flooring.
  • Replacing roofing and gutters.

So, if you would like to fix up a home, an FHA 203k loan could help you achieve your home renovation goals. First, learn more about this loan to find out if it is right for you. 

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