11 Creative Ways to Use Your Balcony or Patio

11 Creative Ways to Use Your Balcony or Patio

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to find creative uses for small outdoor spaces such as your patio or balcony. Even if you have a small apartment, there are still steps you can take to maximize the amount of space you have to work with and make the best use of it.

Read on to learn about some creative ways that you can get the most use out of your balcony or patio, especially if space is limited.

1. Decorate Your Balcony or Patio With Hanging Plants

Bring life to your small balcony or patio by purchasing a few leafy plants which you’ll be able to hang around your balcony or patio. As an example, you may want to hang a fern plant from a decorative crochet plant hanger. Alternatively, you may want to hang small pot plants from your balcony or patio wall, in order to turn your wall into a living wall. For example, you may want to create a hanging herb garden which you’ll be able to season your home cooked meals.

2. Opt for Alternative Seating Options

As fold up deck chairs are outdated and uncomfortable it’s a wise idea to use alternative seating options to furnish your outdoor space. For example, you can go wrong using stylish bean bags and versatile poufs to decorate your outdoor area. Poufs are a great item to purchase as they can be used as extra seats as well as makeshift tables. You can even use poufs as foot stools.

3. Hang Inexpensive Fairy Lights

If you like the idea of spending time outdoors in the evenings, especially during the warm summer months, you may want to decorate your balcony or patio with fairy lights. Particularly if you’re searching for inexpensive, eye catching balcony decoration ideas and enjoy hosting your friends and family members for regular social events.

4. Turn Your Outdoor Space Into a Zen Yoga Space

If you’re searching for fun ways to use your patio, you may be interested in turning your patio or balcony into a tranquil yoga space. All you’ll need is a non slip yoga mat, a few outdoor cushions and an outdoor speaker to listen to your favorite meditation tracks. You may even want to decorate your yoga space with tropical plants, crystals and a small water feature.

5. Use Rugs to Break Up Space

One way to create the illusion that your outdoor space is larger than it looks is to creatively compartmentalize multiple sections of your patio or balcony. For example you may want to place a small rug in the corner of your balcony to create a cozy area where you’ll be able to relax on a bean bag and to use the opposite corner of your balcony as a small vegetable garden. 

If you’re keen on compartmentalizing areas and love small patio ideas, Another clever way to block out your outdoor space is to use an outdoor screen to divide your patio or balcony up into two distinct sections. 

6. Install Handy Wall Shelving

If your outdoor space is limited, one porch idea which may interest you is installing functional wall shelving. Some items which you’ll be able to place on your wall shelves include gardening tools, pot plants, candles, cushions, board games and outdoor speakers. You can even use your wall shelving to display art work such as small stone or bronze sculptures. 

7. Make Smart Use of Your Vertical Space

One creative way to make use of your available vertical space is to place a wooden garden trellis up against your patio or balcony wall, which you’ll be able to use to grow flowering vines. Some fragrant examples of which include climbing roses and sweet peas. Alternatively, you may want to hang baskets from your balcony’s railing in order to plant your choice of flowers. 

8. Invest in an Outdoor Bench (With Storage)

When it comes to decorating small outdoor spaces, the key is to opt for pieces which serve dual purposes. As an example, you can’t go wrong purchasing an outdoor bench which can comfortably seat two adults, which offers a large storage compartment under its seat. If you’ve been hunting for small balcony ideas, you may like the idea of storing a cozy blanket and pillows in your outdoor bench’s secret storage compartment. 

9. Attract Birds With a Decorative Bird Bath

If you’re in need of balcony decorations it’s well worth purchasing a small, simple bird bath. Bird baths make excellent decorations as they take up little room and add a relaxing vibe to your outdoor area as they contain still water. One of the benefits of purchasing a bird bath is that you’ll get to wake up to melodious bird songs each morning. 

10. Place a Hammock on Your Deck

If you are in need of deck ideas for backyards, invest in a hammock. If you’d love to spend more time relaxing outdoors, you can’t go wrong hanging a comfortable hammock on your deck. 

While you may enjoy reading a book or listening to music in your hammock during daylight hours, you’ll also be able to stargaze from your hammock with a cozy blanket at night. Depending on your available space you may want to purchase a double sized hammock which is big enough for two. 

11. Keep Your Furniture Small but Functional

Imagine how much fun you’ll have enjoying breakfast on your patio in the mornings instead of eating breakfast indoors. If you’re looking for patio decoration inspiration it’s well worth shopping around for a small breakfast table and chairs to decorate your patio with. 

If your space is extremely limited opt to use small stools instead of dining chairs which will fit under your breakfast table. Alternatively, you may want to repurpose a bar cart as a makeshift breakfast table which can be rolled away to the corner of your patio when it’s not in use. 


So if you were inspired by some of the creative balcony ideas and patio ideas which are outlined above, there’s no better time than the present to start renovating your balcony or patio. As no matter what size your outdoor space is, there are a wide variety of creative ways in which you’ll be able to use your space.

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