When we are young we do not think about the simple movements we make throughout the day but as we age, the physical actions that we once took for granted can become hard to do. For instance, moving from a seated to standing position or vice versa, can become increasingly difficult and even painful as we get into our older years. It also poses a risk of falling. This is where standing assist lifts come in.

Stand aids usually are made from a metal frame, strap system, and supportive padding. They are designed to secure us as we move from a seated to standing position. They also can help caregivers with helping safely transfer their patients between the different positions.

Stand Up Tall With These Stand Assists

There are two main types of stand assists:

Manual standing lifts: These types of lifts require the assistance of a caregiver to help lift patients from seated to standing positions. These are generally cheaper than powered lifts and are usually used for people who have a bit more stability.

Powered standing lifts: These types of lifts use mechanical power to lift their users from a seated to a standing position so they must be plugged into a wall or have a battery. 

Aside from choosing whether you would like a standing or a manual lift, an important thing to consider when you are looking to buy a standing assist is weight. 

Certain standing lifts are designed to support more weight than others so you will need to be clear on the weight of the person who will be using the standing assist before you make a purchase.

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