Another critical step to receiving your rental security deposit at the end of your lease is to complete an initial and exit walkthrough of the unit. You complete the initial walkthrough with your landlord or apartment office before moving into a unit. You complete the exit walkthrough after you have cleaned up your apartment, moved your belongings out of the unit and are ready to turn in the keys. 

Both walkthroughs are essential for getting your full rent deposit back as they can eliminate any questions or concerns regarding the state of the unit. If you did not complete your initial walkthrough, conducting your exit walkthrough can still be beneficial and help you make sure that nothing has been missed. 

Find Out How the Initial & Exit Walkthroughs Can Help You Ensure the Return of Your Rent Deposit
exit walkthrough

Before you sign a lease and put down a rental security deposit for an apartment, you have the chance to walk through the apartment with the landlord or apartment office staff. This is not only an opportunity for you to see the unit and determine if you would like to live there, but it is also a chance to make sure that everything is in excellent and working condition. 

When you move out, part of getting your rent deposit back is ensuring that the unit remains in good condition. But what if the unit didn’t start out that way? What if an appliance or outlet didn’t work correctly, or there were cracks in the wall or other damages? The initial walkthrough gives you the chance to note and report any preexisting damages so that – by the time you’re conducting the exit walkthrough – the landlord had already been made aware of any issues that existed before you arrived. 

Note: Before putting down a deposit for an apartment, have any preexisting damages fixed or notated in your file or the lease agreement. 

When inspecting the unit during the initial walkthrough, check all the following: 

  • Appliances 
  • Outlets 
  • Walls, including cracks, dents, stains and other damages 
  • Carpets and flooring 
  • Doors 

Take pictures and keep your own records about the damages if they are not fixed before you sign the lease. This will help ensure that you are not wrongfully blamed for anything that was already wrong with the unit before you moved in.

To help get your full rent deposit back, schedule an exit walkthrough before turning in the keys to your apartment. When conducting this walkthrough, it’s essential to remind the apartment office or landlord of any preexisting damages that existed before you moved into the unit. This is where your records can come in handy.

During the walkthrough, ask your landlord or the apartment office staff if anything else needs to be done in the unit in order to get your full deposit back. This will help clear up any lingering questions and, if you did miss something, fix it before you turn in your keys.

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