How to Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis

How to Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis

If you love the idea of turning your bedroom into a peaceful oasis, which you can escape to at any time you’ve come to the right place. As listed below are a wide variety of simple, yet effective oasis bedroom decor tips which will help you transform your current bedroom into a relaxing, rejuvenating space. 

So if you’re in need of a little inspiration to give your bedroom a new lease on life simply continue reading. Especially if you lead a busy lifestyle and would love to have a relaxing space to return to at the end of each day. 

Use Plants to Bring Nature Into Your Space

If you’re searching for bedroom oasis ideas, the easiest way to bring nature into your bedroom is to place a few leafy plants in your bedroom. As examples, you may want to place a small pot plant on a floating shelf. Or you might be interested in purchasing a decorative crochet pot plant hanger, to hang a pot plant from your bedroom’s ceiling. 

In order to turn your bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary it’s a great idea to have at least 2-3 living plants in your bedroom.

Invest in a Very Nice Mattress

If you’re searching for cozy bedroom ideas it’s well worth investing in a high quality mattress. For example, you may want to purchase a memory foam mattress which contours to your body and will provide you with restful, rejuvenating sleep. If money is no issue, you may be interested in purchasing a top of the line Tempur-Pedic mattress for your bedroom.

Alternatively, if you’re not ready to purchase a brand new mattress, you also have the option of purchasing a memory foam topper to place on top of your mattress.

Purchase Comfortable Bedding

Once you’ve replaced your mattress, ensure to purchase comfortable bedding in order to turn your bedroom into your haven. To fit your oasis theme you may want to search for flax linen bedding. If you want to add a pop of color into your bedroom, simply purchase a tropical themed duvet such as a banana print duvet or a duvet cover which features vibrant tropical flowers. 

One of the best cozy room ideas is to buy a soft throw blanket in beige, dark green, white or yellow, which you can fold and place on the foot of your bed. 

Make Organization a Priority

You’ll find it difficult to relax in a room which is cluttered. For this reason, you should make organization a priority when it comes to designing your bedroom oasis. To keep your closet well organized you may want to purchase a closet organizer to ensure that every item in your closet has a designated space.

If your bedroom lacks adequate storage space, it’s also a smart idea to purchase a bed frame which boasts built in shelves. Where you’ll be able to store clothing, books or electronic devices. Lastly, it’s well worth maximizing your available storage space but hanging up floating shelves in your bedroom.

Avoid Harsh Lighting

If the lights in your bedroom are too harsh, you’ll find it hard to unwind and relax. To be able to quickly change the lighting in the room to suit your mood it’s a great idea to purchase a light dimmer switch so that you’ll be able to manually adjust the brightness of your bedroom lights. You can even purchase a light dimmer switch which you can conveniently control from your smartphone. So you won’t have to get out of bed in order to dim your lights.

Alternatively, you may want to purchase bedside lamps which feature built in dimmers to provide your room with comfortable lighting. To add a touch of style to your bedroom consider opting for bronze, decorative bedside lamps that will perfectly suit your tropical theme. 

Put Up Tall Curtains

If you’re on the hunt for relaxation bedroom ideas, ensure to replace your current curtains with tall, floor length curtains. To purchase curtains that fit your oasis theme, consider opting for dark green, velvet curtains. If you’d prefer a lighter hue opt for beige curtains which will also suit your oasis theme. 

No matter which color you choose, tall curtains are functional as well as stylish as they’ll block out light when you’re trying to nap or want to sleep in once the sun has risen. You may even be interested in purchasing black out curtains which will allow you to take restful naps during the day.

Choose Calm Bedroom Colors

One of the best relaxation bedroom ideas is to decorate your room using colors which evoke a calm, peaceful, tranquil vibe. Especially when it comes to selecting paint to repaint your bedroom walls. As green is instantly associated with nature, it’s a calming hue so it’s a great idea to incorporate the color green into your plans. For example, you may want to paint the wall behind your bed’s headboard a dark, natural shade of green. 

It’s also worth incorporating shades of beige or tan into your oasis inspired bedroom. For example, you may want to purchase a tan, wicker bedside table or a bamboo chair for your bedroom. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong using white as one of your primary bedroom colors as white is a clean, relaxing color. 

Place a Textured Rug in Your Bedroom

Another way to create a cozy bedroom is to experiment with using several different textures. For example, place a textured rug such as a hand woven rug underneath your bed or in front of your bed. Especially if you love incorporating comfy bedroom ideas into your home decor plans. 

Invest in Quality Speakers for Your Bedroom

If you invest in high quality speakers for your room you’ll be able to play soothing white noise tracks which feature the sounds of nature such as rainfall and wind. So that you’ll be able to close your eyes and imagine that you’re resting in a tropical paradise. 

So if you want to implement peaceful bedroom ideas and love the idea of relaxing to the noises of an island paradise or a tropical rainforest it’s well worth installing high quality speakers in your bedroom. 

Add Finishing Touches to the Space

Lastly, complete your bedroom oasis by adding a few finishing touches that will add personality to your room. For example, you may want to display travel souvenirs which you’ve picked up over the years on a repurposed bookshelf. Alternatively, you may want to purchase a few tropical throw cushions to place on your bed or chairs. 


So if you’d love to be able to return to a tranquil bedroom oasis at the end of each day, it’s well worth implementing some of the fantastic oasis bedroom decor ideas which are listed above. As it’s far easier than you may think to turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

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