Learn How the Government Could Help You Pay Your Rent

Do you need help with rent? Are you struggling to find affordable housing? Rental relief may be right around the corner for you, thanks to the number of housing assistance programs offered by the federal government. And if you meet the income requirements and a few other criteria, you may qualify for rental assistance

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) makes it easy to find and apply for different housing assistance programs. The availability of certain programs may be different depending on where you live, but most cities and towns have some sort of rental relief available. Learn more about these programs and see if you might qualify for assistance.

Find Out How to Get Rental Help From Rental Relief Programs
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If you need help with rent, you may qualify for one or more assistance programs offered by the federal government, state government or charity organizations. The goal of most rental relief programs is to help you avoid losing your home due to not paying your rent. 

Whether you need emergency rental assistance due to a current situation or you have just been looking for a safe and affordable home, the 4 programs below may provide the relief you’re looking for:

1. Housing Choice Voucher Program – Also known as Section 8, this HUD rental assistance program helps low-income, elderly and disabled individuals find safe homes at affordable rental rates. Because of the significantly lower prices that this program lets beneficiaries pay, there is a high demand for Section 8 HUD rental assistance. Want to get in on this rental relief? Be sure to apply through your Public Housing Authority ASAP to join a waiting list. 

2. Emergency Rental Assistance Program – This program goes by a different name in each state, but basically, it provided rental relief to families and individuals who are unable to pay their rent and/or utility costs due to the effects of COVID-19. Most ERAPs have closed their application processes, but they may reopen them in the future if necessary (and if funds are available).

3. Continuum of Care (CoC) – The goal of this rental assistance program is to prevent and end homelessness across the country. If you qualify, you can receive free legal advice from tenant lawyers and you may be able to receive Emergency Solutions Grants (ESGs) that you can use toward your rental costs.

4. Public Housing – This program is similar to Section 8 in that it provides rental help through your local Public Housing Authority. However, where Section 8 lets you choose your own home, the Public Housing program gives you a unit from the PHA. You must meet income and family size requirements to qualify.

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